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In order to buy automatically in Taggify's platform based on Fill Rate you'll need to notify us for the AdStart event using a call back. Actually you can notify us for any event or KPI you find relevant. But here we will discuss how to optimize fill rates for in banner video activity using JS players. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested on tracking other events for a fully automated buying activity.

So, how do you set everything up? Just follow these steps.
  1. Send our pixels to your side using our macro.
  2. Call our macro on an AdStart event.
  3. Sit back and let the algorithm use its intelligence and the collected data to do the buying for you.

Let's see an example using the Cedato JS Player:
Pass the macro to Cedato's side and call them via a Callback when the event occurs. You can use the un-encoded or encoded (recommended) version of the macro, like so: {fill_url} or {enc_fill_url}

Example using the Cedato's player: 

<div id="videoID{cachebuster}" style="width:300px;height:250px;">
<script src="{campaign_id}_{pubid}_{domain}&cb={cachebuster}&d={enc_domain}&c1={enc_fill_url}&w=300&h=250&ho=1" type="text/javascript">
</script><noscript><img src="{campaign_id}_{pubid}_{domain}&cb={cachebuster}&domain={enc_domain}&c1={enc_fill_url}"width="1" height="1" />

Then in Cedato's platform under Callbacks set up the following URL with the [CUSTOM1] macro:
Like so:
Example using the Aniview's player: 
<div id="aniplayer"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" id="aniviewJS">
var myPlayer;
var adConfig = {
ref1 : 'AV_IC={won_price}&AV_URL={domain}&AV_SUBID={campaign_id}&AV_CDIM1={pubid}&AV_RANDOM={cachebuster}&C1={enc_fill_url}',
width : 300,
height : 250,
HD : true,
mode : 0,
autoPlay : true,
loop : true,
vastRetry : 3,
errorLimit : 10,
soundButton : true,
pauseButton : true,
closeButton : true,
preloader :{
type: 'Image',
link: '',
clickthrough: ''
position : 'aniplayer'
(new Image).src = "" + adConfig.publisherId + "&cid=" + adConfig.channelId + "&e=playerLoaded" + "&cb=" +;
var PlayerUrl = '';
function downloadScript(src,adData) {
var scp = document.createElement('script');
scp.src = src;
scp.onload = function() {
myPlayer= new avPlayer(adData);;
myPlayer.onPlay=function () {
(new Image).src = "{enc_fill_url}"

In your campaign targeting on Taggify's platform you should now turn on the Fill Rate Optimizer and tweak some of its advances parameters if you want to have more control.
In order to understand how advanced settings affect your buying you should know the FRO tool works with a white-list, a black-list and a test-list
White-list will contain all domains that are above the set Fill rate %.
Black-list will contain all domains that are below the set Fill rate %.
Test-list will contain a random list of sites that match your campaign targeting.
Advanced settings details:
    • Minimum Desired Fillrate: Set the percentage the minimum % you need to achieve.
    • Threshold: This value represents what amount of impressions is considered valid to decide if the domain will be moved to the WL or BL.
    • Size of the test list: Here you can set the size of your test-list.

It is correct to think that if you raise the Threshold and Test list you will explore more inventory, thus spending more on the early stages, but also getting a wider reach.

If you have any doubts or are in need of more info contact your account manager.

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