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Example using the Cedato's player: 
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<div id="videoID{cachebuster}" style="width:300px;height:250px;">
<script src="{campaign_id}_{pubid}_{domain}&cb={cachebuster}&d={enc_domain}&c1={enc_fill_url}&w=300&h=250&ho=1" type="text/javascript">
</script><noscript><img src="{campaign_id}_{pubid}_{domain}&cb={cachebuster}&domain={enc_domain}&c1={enc_fill_url}"width="1" height="1" />


Example using the Aniview's player: 
       Image Added
<div id="aniplayer"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" id="aniviewJS">
var myPlayer;
var adConfig = {
ref1 : 'AV_IC={won_price}&AV_URL={domain}&AV_SUBID={campaign_id}&AV_CDIM1={pubid}&AV_RANDOM={cachebuster}&C1={enc_fill_url}',
width : 300,
height : 250,
HD : true,
mode : 0,
autoPlay : true,
loop : true,
vastRetry : 3,
errorLimit : 10,
soundButton : true,
pauseButton : true,
closeButton : true,
preloader :{
type: 'Image',
link: '',
clickthrough: ''
position : 'aniplayer'
(new Image).src = "" + adConfig.publisherId + "&cid=" + adConfig.channelId + "&e=playerLoaded" + "&cb=" +;
var PlayerUrl = '';
function downloadScript(src,adData) {
var scp = document.createElement('script');
scp.src = src;
scp.onload = function() {
myPlayer= new avPlayer(adData);;
myPlayer.onPlay=function () {
(new Image).src = "{enc_fill_url}"

In your campaign targeting on Taggify's platform you should now turn on the Fill Rate Optimizer and tweak some of its advances parameters if you want to have more control.
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In order to understand how advanced settings affect your buying you should know the FRO tool works with a white-list, a black-list and a test-list
White-list will contain all domains that are above the set Fill rate %.
Black-list will contain all domains that are below the set Fill rate %.
Test-list will contain a random list of sites that match your campaign targeting.
Advanced settings details:
    • Minimum Desired Fillrate: Set the percentage the minimum % you need to achieve.
    • Threshold: This value represents what amount of impressions is considered valid to decide if the domain will be moved to the WL or BL.
    • Size of the test list: Here you can set the size of your test-list.

It is correct to think that if you raise the Threshold and Test list you will explore more inventory, thus spending more on the early stages, but also getting a wider reach.

If you have any doubts or are in need of more info contact your account manager.