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Tags for a section in Particular (or general, this according to its strategy), we define the tag name, the naming convention is important for internal order:

Pyramidal Scenario


An example can be: "size - section - type of deal" or "section - type of deal - #deal - size"

  1. Preferred Deal Tag:
    "300x250 - Sports - Preferred Deals" - (it is a Tag with a Deal ID for campaigns that are only going to be uses by you and they serve especially when they settle X amount of impressions assured from the DSP).

    As Backfill we set the Private Deal tag

  2. Private Deal Tag:
    "300x250 - Sports - Private Deal" - (it is a Tag with a Deal ID for specific campaigns of clients who want a special agreement to buy at a certain price).

    As Backfill we set the OpenRTB tag

  3. OpenRTB Tag:
    "300x250 - Sports - OpenRTB" - (even though is “Open" it will always depend on the demand sources that the publisher has).

    As Backfill we can set a TAG of a network or other 3rd party demand partner, such as Google ADX / Rubicon / OpenX.

  4. It could be the possibility to configure campaigns as backfill to promote  your own sections. In that case, you can configure from DSP many campaigns with deal-IDs.

    Tag AutoPromotion:
    "300x250 - ROS - Classifieds". Generate a tag with a Deal-ID and then from DSP configure auto-promotion campaigns pointing that Deal.