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In this article we are going to analyze the results of a campaign that ran for two days.

First we go to the Dashboard section of the panel:

We need to click on the name of the campaign we are trying to analyze and then 'View in dashboard':

This is how we are going to find the results:

In the section of the top, 'Current Max CPM', you will be able to adjust the CPM directly from there, instead of having to do so in the Targeting Configuration:

Next to that option, you will see a chart with the Bids per second, the Wins per second, the Remaining budget, the impressions won, the clicks made, the conversion rate and the CTR.

Let's look into these options in detail:

Bids per second: You will be able to see the amount of bids per second for the campaign. If we see the rocket symbol next to the BPS, we can over it with our mouse and it will give us suggestions of things we could do in order to make BPS:

Wins per second: We can find here the amount of wins per second the campaign is making. This is directly related to the BPS. If, for example, we see a big amount of BPS, but the Wins per second are very low, it could be because the CPM set is low, like we see in the suggestions of the last screenshot.

Remaining budget: This will be the remaining budget of the campaign.

Imp: In here, you will find the impressions won in real time. The results can take up to one hour to download, but in this section, you will see the actual impressions won in the moment. In the 'i' symbol above the actual number of impressions, we can see the daily limit of the campaign:

Clicks: This is the amount of times a user clicked on our ads.

Conv: Here we can see the conversion rate.

CTR: This is the CTR of the campaign. 

It's important to take into consideration you can analyze results in different time periods. Like the following:

You can select to see results from today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days or you can make a custom selection if you need for example, to see results from specific days.

Moving to the actual results, the first option is the 'Stats by Days'. In there, you'll see the amount of impressions won per day, as well as the clicks, conversion rate, CTR, spent and eCPM by day:

The next option is the 'Stats by Ads' one. If you have multiple ads in the same campaign, you will be able to see results divided ad by ad:

The next option is 'Stats by Countries', with the information given divided by country:

In the 'Stats by Domains' part, you will see where the campaign actually ran:

In here, you will be able to enable or disable domains, simply by clicking on the 'on' green button. Let's see an example:

In the previous example, we can see the domain '' was disabled, so our campaign won't buy impressions in that domain any more.

Something else we can do in this part is modify the CPM of specific domains. We can so this in the 'Current max CPM' column. Let's see an example:

In there, we modified the CPM of the domain '', and we changed it from $0.05 to $0.30.

The next option of results we find is 'Stats by Publishers'. You can also enable and disable publishers from here:

Finally, we move to 'More Stats':

In here you will be able to find the Devices where the campaign bought impressions, also the Operating Systems where the impressions were bought. We can also see in which Browsers the campaign ran. And you can also see under which categories the impressions were bought.

There's also a chart where you can see Stats by SSP (with the information of how many impressions the campaign bought, how much was spent and the eCPM) and Stats by ISP (in this case we don't see ISP information because the campaign didn't run on carriers).

Something else to keep in mind is that under each 'Stats by...' section, there's a 'Export results' button, that downloads those results in a CSV file:

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