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The Opportunities section is very useful when you want to search for specific traffic or just look at all the inventory available in Taggify.

When you first open this section, this is what you find:

It's important to know that the searches you make here, will show you the results at the time of the search, since traffic varies all the time because this is RTB.

Let's look at all the features one by one:

Search domains or apps

If you need to look for a specific domain or app, you can write it down here.

The domains should be written like in this example:

And if you need to search a specific app, you should write it down the way it's written in our platform, for example:

Before hitting 'calculate', you should always select something on 'group by'. If you were looking for specific domains or apps here, you should group by domain:

Group by

You always need to group by something in order to be able to hit calculate and look for the inventory. The options are the following:

Depending on the results you are looking for, you can group the results by those options.


You can also add one or more SSPs to your search. As you type, the platform will give you suggestions:


If you need to make a Publishers search, you can add them here. It's important to write down the names of the publishers the same way they are written in the platform. For example: yahoonat_


As you type the name of the country, the platform will give you suggestions:

Creative sizes

In here, you can also start to type down the size you need and then select it from the suggestions:

IAB Categories

You can use the categories in order to look for specific inventory. There are many to choose from so you can start to type and select from the suggestions.


In this part you'll be able to select devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, among others:


Here is where you can select Operating Systems such as IOs, Android, Windows, etc.


You'll be able to add browsers to your search in this part.


After that part, you will find a 'Filters' section, with more options you can add in your search:

These filters are useful if you need for example, to look just for secure traffic, or just InBanner video inventory, InBanner video inventory with Audio or without audio, transparent traffic or not. You can also look for traffic with carrier or not.

It's important to know that you don't need to complete every field in order to get results. You can get results just by completing one field. For example, you can insert 'United States' in the 'countries' field and then group by domain, and once you hit calculate, you will find all of the traffic from United States as a result of that search. The more filters and fields you complete, the more narrow and accurate your search will be.

Let's take a look at how to understand the results below:

This is the search we've made in order to explain how to understand the results:

And these are the results we are given:

The first thing we can see is that in the first page of results we will see 50 entries. You can change this and see 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or all entries.

Something else you can do is download these results in different formats.

Moving to the actual results, you will find four main columns. One with the domain or app that's sending the inventory. And then there are three other columns where the results are divided by Display, Apps and Vast inventory. You will see the amount of impressions available per second, but if you go with your mouse and place it over the number of impressions available per second, you will see the impressions available per day for each domain or app:

Some other results you'll find in this chart are:

  • The average transparency in each domain or app.
  • The minimum Time on Site you should set in your Targeting Configuration in order to win impressions in each domain or app.
  • The number given in the Alexa Rank of each domain or app.
  • The average bid price you should set in order to win impressions in each domain or app. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion and results can vary since this is just an estimated number.
  • The bid floor you should set in order to win impressions in each domain or app. This is also a suggestion, since results vary constantly.

Something else you can do with these results is add the domain, in this case, to the filters you have above, in order to keep narrowing your search more easily. In order to do so, you should click on the arrow at the end of each domain or app column:

Once you finish looking for the inventory you need, you can create a campaign with all the parameters you entered before:

You can find that button at the end of the results chart.

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